Strong, shiny hair

The secret of beautiful hair

Your hair is growing all the time, but to make sure it grows thick and strong you need to supply it with nutrients. Beautiful, shiny hair requires particular vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Merz Spezial Hair Capsules contain just what your body needs to nourish your hair.

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Merz Spezial Hair Capsules

Encapsulating beautiful hair

Merz Spezial Hair Capsules are nutritional supplements which have been specially designed to support the growth of thick, strong hair. They contain a unique combination of vitamins, micronutrients,
L-cystine, paprika extract, and a cereal mix, which:

  • provides your hair with the building blocks it needs to grow
  • nourishes your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to be thick and strong

Not only are the ingredients in Merz Spezial Hair Capsules specially selected, they are also carefully balanced to give your body precisely what it needs to grow healthy hair.

Taking two Merz Spezial Hair Capsules a day provides your hair with the following key ingredients:

  • L–cystine is a building block needed to make hair. The cereal mix contains a high proportion of cysteine, which can form cystine. Vitamin B6 helps to incorporate these building blocks into your hair
  • Zinc is essential for the health of your hair, and to prevent hair loss
  • Biotin is vital to maintain your hair
  • Copper maintains the pigmentation of your hair
  • Iron, folic acid, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12 are needed to make blood, which supplies your hair roots with nutrients. Paprika powder is thought to widen capillaries, allowing an improved nutrient supply to reach your hair

Visible results: thicker, fuller hair.

Only Merz Spezial Hair Capsules contain L–cystine and a cereal mix (oat, millet and spelt) – important raw materials for the growth of thick, strong hair.


Merz Spezial Hair Capsules – The Facts

The benefits of taking Merz Spezial Hair Capsules were assessed by independent experts in a scientific study that included 30 women for 6 months.

Two Merz Spezial Hair Capsules taken once a day achieve visible results:

  • Improved hair volume
  • 50% of users reported denser, thicker hair

Hair volume increases after taking Merz Spezial Hair Capsules for 6 months

Region of headIncrease in hair volume
Back of head4.0%
  • Faster hair growth
    • More anagen hair (actively growing hair)
    • Less telogen hair (hair that isn´t growing)
  • Improved hair texture
    • 80% of users reported better hair texture and structure
    • Hair thickness showed overall improvements

In summary, Merz Spezial Hair Capsules provide everything you need to support the growth of thick, strong hair.


How many to take?

Take two Merz Spezial Hair Capsules per day. Swallow whole with a little liquid.

Available in a pack containing 60 capsules.


Key ingredients

1 daily dosage (2×1 capsule/day) contains:%RDA*
Iron10.0 mg71%
Green tea extract100.0 mg**
Folic acid400.0 µg200%
Vitamin B123.0 µg120%
Vitamin B65.0 mg357%
Paprika extract20.0 mg**
Niacin60.0 mg NE357%
Vitamin B12.8 mg255%
Vitamin B23.2 mg229%
Zinc13.0 mg130%
Biotin150.0 µg300%
L-Cystine450.0 mg**
Pantothenic acid12.0 mg200%
Copper1.0 mg100%
Aqueous extract of oat, millet and spelt80.0 mg**
equivalent oat18.7 mg
equivalent millet18.7 mg
equivalent spelt18.7 mg

*Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) according to German NKV.

**No current recommendation.

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