Strong, shiny hair

The secret of beautiful hair

Essential for beautiful, shiny hair is the supply of your body with particular vitamins, minerals and amico acids. You can support the normal growth of your hair by providing your body with these necessary nutrients.

Merz Spezial Hair Capsules help your body to nourish your hair.

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Merz Spezial
Hair Capsules

Encapsulating beautiful hair

Merz Spezial Hair Capsules are nutritional supplements which have been specially designed to support the growth of thick, strong hair. They contain a unique combination of vitamins, micronutrients, L-cystine, paprika extract and a millet extract, which:

  • nourish your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to be thick and strong
  • provide your body with substances that support healthy hair


Merz Spezial Hair Capsules for strong & beautiful hair

  1. support healthy hair1
  2. contribute to the maintenance of hair pigmentation2


Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair. Vitamin B2 contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation.


Swallow one capsule twice daily with some fluid of your choice.

Available in a pack containing 60 capsules.


Key ingredients

1 daily dosage (2×1 capsule/day) contains:%NRV*
Iron10.0 mg71%
Green tea extract100.0 mg**
Folic acid400.0 µg200%
Vitamin B123.0 µg120%
Vitamin B65.0 mg357%
Paprika extract20.0 mg**
Niacin60.0 mg NE357%
Vitamin B12.8 mg255%
Vitamin B23.2 mg229%
Zinc13.0 mg130%
Biotin150.0 µg300%
L-Cystine450.0 mg**
Pantothenic acid12.0 mg200%
Copper1.0 mg100%
Millet Extract80.0 mg**

* Percentage of Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011

** No current recommendation


Merz Spezial Hair Capsules are formulated with MTS, the Micro-Targeting System that helps to circulate the nutrients in the blood and to transport key ingredients to your hair – helping your body bring out its best.

Find out more about MTS.

Merz Spezial warranty

Merz Spezial is the number one brand in the section of „beauty from within“ in Germany. **

Our products are developed and tested by the Merz Dermatological Research Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. They have to pass severe quality controls which verifies the exceptional quality of our products.

** Nielsen: OTC; Segment HCO Skin l Hair l Nails combis; MAT May 2017


Got Questions?

Take a look at our FAQ