Merz Spezial

Brand promise

At Merz Spezial, we believe that true beauty comes from within.

Already our founder, Friedrich Merz, had the visionary idea to support natural beauty through a holistic supply of essential micronutrients in a simple and uncomplicated way. It all began with our Merz Spezial Dragees the unique formula for skin, hair, nails and the original for beauty from within since 1964.

Today, Merz Spezial is your brand transforming you from the inside out by actively supporting your natural beauty based on the most recent scientific findings.

With Body & Nature

Thanks to many years of experience and beauty expertise, we know which natural processes in your body can be optimally supported with targeted care. 

We combine valuable micronutrients and active ingredients derived from plants to make your appearance radiate naturally.

Cell Activation

With our special combinations, we ensure a concentrated supply of micronutrients and cosmetic care ingredients. Our Cellular Skin Active Formula also supports cell division and renewal.
Our products offer optimal support from the inside and outside.

Life Stage

We know that the needs of your skin and hair change with age. Cell renewal, the skin’s antioxidant capacity and hydration slowly decrease with age. That’s why you’ll find solutions that have been specially developed by our experts.